• Purchase ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators and freezers which can save you energy and money over time. You may be able to find rebates for your purchase from ENERGY STAR Partners.
  • Keep the doors of all refrigeration and freezer units shut as much as possible as repeated fluctuations in temperature will damage food quality and cost money.
  • Check the temperature settings of your units. If the temperature is set lower than necessary, you are probably wasting energy. The most common recommended settings are between -14° and -8° Fahrenheit for freezers and between 35° and 38° Fahrenheit for refrigerators.
  • Clean the cooling coils on the backs of all units. Over time, dirt accumulation impairs proper heat transfer and lowers the efficiency and capacity of refrigerators. As you clean dirt and dust, watch for ice accumulation on coils and remove that as well.
  • Ensure that the door seals on your units close tightly. Having tight seals and properly closing doors prevents warm air from entering the unit, reducing energy required for cooling as well as preventing frost build up. Use this rule of thumb:  If you can easily slide a dollar bill into the seal, have the seal adjusted.


Lighting products that have earned the ENERGY STAR deliver exceptional features, while using less energy. ENERGY STAR certified lighting products combine quality and attractive design with the highest levels of energy efficiency available today. ENERGY STAR certified fixtures typically use one-quarter the energy of traditional lighting and distribute light more efficiently and evenly than standard fixtures. In addition to bulbs and fixtures themselves, your store can employ lighting controls and/or sensors to reduce energy use.